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LIVE CLASSES starting Tuesday 18 & Thursday 20 May - booking essential.

ZOOM CLASSES continue Mondays 10-11.30 am & Thursdays 6-7 pm.

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Theme of SPRING YOGA Practices :

Spring is the rising energy phase - time to move forward yet bend in the wind


The postures for the spring are designed to induce stretch to create the feeling of growing out from winter inertia into the rebirth of spring time.  This stretching also creates the ideal environment for becoming less toxic - over these spring weeks it is important that your body has less work to do breaking down toxins, you need to help your liver by putting less toxicity into your body, foods - thoughts - actions!  


I work with a seasonal influence on my teachings and draw from the ancient sciences of Ayurveda (Indian) and Daoist (Chinese) Yoga.

As we are now leaving Winter (yes really) and entering into S P R I N G, the practices change to accommodate the energies of Spring (Wood element).  According to the Daoist principles, Spring energies are like rising sap, is forceful, determined to rise up and move forward, yet it remains supple and flexible like a tree’s ability to bend in the wind, secured by strong roots.

According to Ayurveda, this is still late winter characterised by the K A P H A energies which are composed of the elements of water and earth.  Kapha has wet, cool, earthy and oily qualities that bind, stabilize, lubricate and sustain.

How does all this affect or relate to our yoga practice?  As yoga is all about being in balance and harmony with oneself and nature, the practices can be specifically tailored to balance the energies of nature to enhance our own inner nature, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.

We include practices that work specifically on the LIVER & GALLBLADDER meridians.  Liver energies relate to wood, as suggested above, needing to be both stable, flexible and rooted like a tree.

Physical Qualities:   the liver stores blood when we are at rest, releasing it for action when we move.  It is the primary chemical factory for the body, any substance that cannot be broken down and used for energy ends up in the liver for detoxification.  The liver continuously produces a bile, a secretion that is stored in the Gallbladder and is an important component for digesting foods.  The sense door is the eyes and our sense of sight.

Emotionally: Liver chi is responsible for balancing our emotions, when unbalanced we have a propensity for uneven, irregular emotions, chronic anger, explosive impulsivity, a defence of personal boundaries and awkward social behaviour.  When we are chronically angry, we are stressing our live chi.

Mental Qualities:  Liver chi is connected to our ability to make appropriate connections, a natural co-ordination of the mind.  Good liver chi can put things into action and is demonstrated by an ability to evaluate a situation and apply the appropriate physical, emotional and social conduct.  It gives us the flexibility and ability to change and adapt.

Energetic Qualities:  The Daoist’s nicknamed the liver “the general of the army” who excels at strategic planning, ensuring an energetic flow of energy that co-ordinates and regulates the movement of chi everywhere in us.  It is responsible for creating an easy-going disposition.


I hope you enjoy the practices for SPRING that will help you create good LIVER + GALLBLADDER energies.


For more about this season, read my Blog:  Spring into Yoga

Class Schedule

May + June 2021

Mondays 10-11.30am:  Wake Up Yoga Flow:

MAY 17,24  +  JUNE 7,14,21,28

This class will continue on ZOOM


Tuesdays 6-7.30 pm:   Evening Yoga Flow:

MAY 18,25  +  JUNE 1,8,15,22,29

@ St Michaels Parish Hall, Workington - booking essential - see Booking T&C


Thursdays  10-11.30 am:  Wake Up Yoga Flow:

MAY 20,27 +  JUNE 3,10,17,24 (+1 July)

@ The Settlement, Maryport - booking essential - see Booking T&C

Thursdays  6-7 pm:  Evening Flow Yoga + Meditation:

MAY 6,20,27 + JUNE 3,10,17,24 (+1 July)

This class will continue on ZOOM

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What my Students say.........

“I really enjoyed todays Restorative Yoga workshop.  Having 3 hours dedicated to this subject was deeply relaxing and such a treat. 

I came away feeling totally refreshed - a new person and ready to face the world!”        

SP attended an afternoon workshop

"The 3 hour sessions goes surprisingly quickly, giving time for a well rounded yoga practice, without any rush. I also like the seasonal themes these afternoons have, so today was just what I needed on a proper winters day"  HS attending afternoon at Higham Hall

"I can tell that Linda has a wealth of yoga experience and knowledge.  She is not just going through the motions, she puts her heart into the teaching and I appreciate that, it makes a difference". 

LS regular attending weekly classes

“I have been coming to Linda's classes for years

and think she is a fantastic teacher, 

always something new to learn as she changes

the practices every month, so there is a lot of

variety.  I really get a lot out of it, that's why

I come every week, I feel so much better

for it"                       

VP regular attendee of weekly classes

Other Offerings for Teachers & Student Teachers


As an experienced senior teacher with over 3 decades of teaching yoga and mindfulness

to groups and individuals, plus workshops and retreats,

I can offer a supervisory role to other yoga teachers and student teachers in training. 

If you are interested in exploring how this could be of benefit to you and your teaching,

please contact me to have a chat,

I'd love to share my experiences of the life long journey of Yoga!