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Following Lockdown Restrictions

All live in-person classes are cancelled until further notice as is On-line Booking System

I am offering all classes Streaming Live on ZOOM.  See class dates below

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Theme of Winter YOGA Practices : Going with the Flow

The most introspective time of year when the energies are moving inwards, so our practice mirrors that flow and focuses on balancing the Meridians of Kidney & Bladder Energy Pathways are highlighted this season.


Whatever we practice during this season, it must be from a very grounding, centering and balancing effort, obviously with a lot of inner reflection – we need to be more in (yin) than out (yang).  So, it’s not just about the asanas we choose, but how we intentionally practice them. 

To keep the K+UB energy pathways flowing, the spine needs to be stretched in all directions – forwards-backwards-twists-lateral on a daily basis.  Forward bends give an intense back stretch; core strengthening will in turn strengthen the lower back; spinal twists that are gentle yet deep; squats that takes us deep into the body and challenge us to se our hips/pelvis/legs & lower back.  A great opportunity to practice some Yin postures; breathing practices to calm the fight-flight-freeze part of our nervous system; and of course, guided relaxation & meditation for deep rest and keeping our energy flowing on an even keel.


For more about this season, read my Blogs:  

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Class Schedule on ZOOM using my Personal Zoom Room Link

January 2021

Mondays 10-11.30am   Wake Up Yoga Flow on   11, 18, 25   


Tuesdays 6-7.30 pm    Evening Yoga Flow on   12, 19, 26


Thursdays  10-11.30 am   Wake Up Yoga Flow on    7, 14, 21, 28

Fridays 6-7 pm   Evening Yoga Flow + Meditation on  15, 22, 29

All Zoom classes can be accessed with Linda Allam's Personal Meeting Room Zoom link

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If you don't have my ZOOM Personal Meeting Room link, please email me and I will send it to you.

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£7.50 each class

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Pricing concessions are still offered for anyone with financial hardship, please speak to me in confidence.


NEWCOMERS are welcome - contact me first for a chat & screening, plus complete & return the New Starter Form under

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What my Students say.........

“I really enjoyed todays Restorative Yoga workshop.  Having 3 hours dedicated to this subject was deeply relaxing and such a treat. 

I came away feeling totally refreshed - a new person and ready to face the world!”        

SP attended an afternoon workshop

"The 3 hour sessions goes surprisingly quickly, giving time for a well rounded yoga practice, without any rush. I also like the seasonal themes these afternoons have, so today was just what I needed on a proper winters day"  HS attending after at Higham Hall

“I have been coming to Linda's classes for years

and think she is a fantastic teacher, 

always something new to learn as she changes

the practices every month, so there is a lot of

variety.  I really get a lot out of it, that's why

I come every week, I feel so much better

for it"                       

VP regular attendee of weekly classes

"I can tell that Linda has a wealth of yoga experience and knowledge.  She is not just going through the motions, she puts her heart into the teaching and I appreciate that, it makes a difference". 

LS regular attending weekly classes

Other Offerings

for Teachers &

Student Teachers


As an experienced senior teacher with over 3 decades of teaching yoga and mindfulness

to groups and individuals, plus workshops and retreats,

I can offer a supervisory role to other yoga teachers and student teachers in training. 

If you are interested in exploring how this could be of benefit to you and your teaching,

please contact me to have a chat,

I'd love to share my experiences of the life long journey of Yoga!