Current Classes are  


(updated 13 July 2020)   

Due to the current extraordinary circumstances we are in - and no in-person classes available, I am offering

Live Streaming on-line classes via the ZOOM platform from Monday 30 March.

I am sending out weekly emails with  class schedule & a personal invitation to join with a Zoom link

please contact me by email if you are not on my mailing list and would like to be. 

NEWCOMERS are welcome - contact me first for a chat & screening.

Current Live Streaming On-line Class Schedule via ZOOM.

From 13 July, I am offering a reduced Summer Schedule until further notice.

In addition to these classes, my intention is to offer an outdoor class, weather permitting.

If you are interested to join these, please text me by Whats App or regular text 07931 481 026.

Tuesdays @ 6-7.30 pm

Breathe-Stretch-Relax-Meditate:  practices to ground your energies, helping you to

release tension 'hot-spots' and provide the ground to relax - restore - sleep.

Fridays @ 10-11.30 am

Wake Up to the Day:  a rounded practice to wake up your energies, stretch, relax, and come

to stillness.

How to Join: 

By Invitation Only: an emailed weekly invitation will be sent to you with a Zoom Link

Please check your personal weekly invitation as schedule may change.

Please read the GUIDE TO ONLINE CLASSES which accompanies invitation, it includes how to join;

how to get the best out of the experience; how to pay for your class. 

How to Pay/Donate:

PAYMENT IS BY DONATION via my personal Paypal account (see below)

or is offered for FREE for those with no income or are in hardship due to the current pandemic.

Please click on link below to make payment for your class.

Theme of Summer Yoga  

Tune in to the natural rhythms of Summer – when the Fire element dominates. 

Cooling the excessive Pitta (according to Ayurveda), which is hot, explosive and has transformative qualities; and

working with the 2 main meridians (energy pathways in the 5 elements) which are Heart & Small Intestine.

According to these ancient wisdom's of Yoga - Ayurveda  & 5 Elements – we can use specific practices to balance the energies of the season to bring harmony & equilibrium to body-mind-heart. 

* Energy body Warms Ups that stimulate the yin energy flows without increasing heat

* Back-bends & Heart Openers to do just that - open up the front & back body & balance the digestive fire;

* Cooling forward bends to disperse the heat;

* Conscious breath regulation to re-center the nervous system; lunar pacifying breathing; and cooling colour breathing to balance excessive heat

* Guided Relaxation with visualization to restore & renew body & mind

* Mindfulness Meditation & Compassion practices to connect to the heart space - complete the practice of body-heart-mind!

For more about this season and how to use the Summer Energies:  read my BLOG:  Ignite your Inner Fire

    Read my latest


   Attitude of Gratitude

 Weekly Class Schedule: Yoga + mindfulness       



  Mondays   @    6-7.30 pm    Eaglesfield Village Hall, Cockermouth, CA13 0RN:                          Parking in village hall car park

 Tuesdays    @      6-7.30 pm   St Michaels Parish Hall, Workington, CA14 2EZ: Parking in Church grounds and walk down steps to parish hall

 Thursdays    @     10-11.30 am   The Settlement,  Maryport, CA15 6BQ:                          Parking in dedicated car park in front of building

I also offer:


1to1 Private Sessions

I offer private sessions personalised for people who need targeted individual help according to imbalances, fitness level, health issues

and overall aim. So you may have a specific problem for example with your back; or recovering from an accident/surgery; or just need some 1 to 1 input to get you on track to develop your own personal practice.  We work in a therapeutic way with Yogasana, breathing, relaxation and mindfulness are all incorporated into the personal practice.  Please contact me to find out more.


As a senior teacher with my wide experience of teaching yoga and leading groups, workshops, and courses over three decades!  I can offer a supervisory role to other yoga teachers and student teachers in training. 

If you are interested in exploring how this could be of benefit to you and your teaching, please contact me to have a chat.

Try a guided

Relaxation - Meditation Practice

CLICK onto page


YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs
I offer this Specialised YHLB 12 week course, evidence based, from a large yoga research study with York University and funded by
Arthritis Research UK.     The positive results showing it to be safe and effective, were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.   
The course teaches & motivates people how get moving again, with simple, gentle yoga, targeting back comfort, with postural improvements, mental focus and relaxation techniques.  Research proved long-term benefits for those who attended the 12 week course and continued practising at home for approx 30 minutes twice a week. 
Please contact me to see is this course is suitable for you  or to put your name down on a
wait-list for the next available course, or some people may benefit from 1to1 individual lessons.
Have a look at YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs Institute  for
*published evidence;
*course content;
*register of teachers;
*info for health professionals;
*subscribe to a free newsletter and
*watch a 4 minute video.
Linda is the only teacher in West Cumbria currently on the YHLB Register and certified to teach this course.
Kind words........


“I really enjoyed todays Restorative Yoga workshop.  Having 3 hours dedicated to this subject was deeply relaxing and such a treat.  I came away feeling totally refreshed - a new person and ready to face the world!”         SP

"The 3 hour sessions goes surprisingly quickly, giving time for a well rounded yoga practice, without any rush. 

I also like the seasonal themes these afternoons have, so today was just what I needed on a proper winters day"  HS

"I am feeling the benefit of the 12 weeks YHLB course because I now know an appropriate posture to relieve my back pain.  I find the handouts very useful as they give a structure to follow at home as I usually find it difficult to make up routines.  I have always liked your teaching style and appreciate the way you encourage us as inidividuals with personal feedback" 

TL attended the 12 week Healthy Lower Back Course

"I am just emailing to let you know my progress. Since I returned from holiday my recovery has continued to progress. I am continuing doing my stretching and exercises twice a day and have a lot more movement over the last few months. Over the past month I have been able to complete swimming and short runs which I never imagined possible this time last year. The feeling in both of my legs has also returned. So my plan is to keep as I am doing and see how I do over the next few months.


I would just like to thank you for everything you have done for me. I feel coming to see you was the real turning point in my recovery and I wouldn't have been able to reach this point without being more open minded and learning different techniques which has been down to you.  I really enjoyed my time with you, many thanks"

HR (attended 1to1 back care)

"I can tell that Linda has a wealth of yoga experience and knowledge.  She is not just going through the motions, she puts her heart into the teaching and I appreciate that, it makes a difference".  LS

“I have been coming to Linda's classes for years and think she is a fantastic teacher,  always something new to learn as she changes the practices every month, so there is a lot of variety.  I really get a lot out of it, thats why I come every week, I feel so much better for it"                        VP

" Having 1to1 sessions with Linda has helped me not only physically, but I have become aware of a deeper conscious mind level and the effect has been quite amazing, I even surprised myself"  RB