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Latest Information on Current Classes

Face to Face Classes have resumed + Zoom Classes continuing

See Class Schedule Below for Summer Timetable

Look Out for Outdoor Yoga Classes during Summer

New-comers welcome, have a look at website content and then contact me.

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Class Schedule for Autumn 2021

Face-to-Face Classes

Joining Face-to-Face classes - numbers limited due to Social distancing

Block Booking + Payment secures your place

Drop-In/single session payment only if there are places left

Mondays 10-11.30 am:  Wake Up Yoga Flow:

@ The Settlement, High St, Maryport 

Sept 6, 20, 27 (not 13th)

Oct 4,11,18,25

Tuesdays 6-7.30 pm:  Evening Yoga Flow:  

@ St Michaels Parish Hall, Dean St, Workington  

Sept 7,21,28 (not 14th)

Oct 5,12,19,26

Zoom Live Classes

Thursdays 10-11.30 am: Wake Up Yoga Flow:

Sept 2,9,23,30 (not 16th)

Oct 7,14,21,28

Fridays 6-7 pm

Evening Flow Yoga+Meditation

this class not running during summer, do let me know if you are interested to join when I start up in Autumn.

Accessing Zoom Classes

with Linda Allam's Personal Meeting Room Zoom link

which stays the same link, so keep it safe along with Meeting ID + Passcode.

If you don't have my ZOOM Personal Meeting Room link, please email me and I will send it to you.

Booking + Payment

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Contact me first for a chat & screening;

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Energies of the Autumn Season

Autumn is the energy of Metal, the time when nature rids itself of what is not needed, when nature sheds its leaves and lets go of the rubbish it no longer needs. With those leaves it produces its own compost, enriching the soil, ensuring the next cycle has the nutrients it needs to grow. 

During this season,  we use asanas that help support and balance the Metal qualities - the Lung & Large Intestine energy pathways.  So we include back-bends and twists in a way that opens and closes our bodies. Twisting is excellent to squeeze out toxins (physical and emotional) and bring the body-mind into equilibrium.  The metal style of back-bends is softer and more supported that the ones we practice in the Fire practices that focus more on opening the heart to joy. We focus primarily on our breathing to unite each movement with your breath, increasing lung capacity, opening the chest and finding the space to be with yourself.  


The emotion associated with Autumn is grief, loss, so we open the heart to those losses and sadness so we can let go - so we can let the joy flow back in.  During/after grief, there can be a natural tendency to shut down, the gentle back-bends helps us to open out, to have courage to live again.  The sound that helps us release grief and balance the meridians associated with it is ssssssssss.


Finally, in fact my personal favourite part of the practice, when the teacher says, lie down in Savasana (corpse pose) for final guided relaxation, where you give yourself permission to completely let go.  So at the end of the asana/breathing practices, we get a moment of pause (10-15 minutes actually), to unburden ourselves of whatever we still carrying - a time to let go of the doing, the goals, the to do lists, all efforts and let the natural unfoldment of ‘being’ to unfold in this priceless time.  The corpse pose is the practice of the ultimate letting go.    It’s a precious time when all the benefits of the practice can sink in, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, and ready to face the world again!


Interested to know more - try reading my Autumn blogs. 

What my Students say.........

“I really enjoyed todays Restorative Yoga workshop.  Having 3 hours dedicated to this subject was deeply relaxing and such a treat. 

I came away feeling totally refreshed - a new person and ready to face the world!”        

SP attended an afternoon workshop

"The 3 hour sessions goes surprisingly quickly, giving time for a well rounded yoga practice, without any rush. I also like the seasonal themes these afternoons have, so today was just what I needed on a proper winters day"  HS attending afternoon at Higham Hall

"I can tell that Linda has a wealth of yoga experience and knowledge.  She is not just going through the motions, she puts her heart into the teaching and I appreciate that, it makes a difference". 

LS regular attending weekly classes

“I have been coming to Linda's classes for years

and think she is a fantastic teacher, 

always something new to learn as she changes

the practices every month, so there is a lot of

variety.  I really get a lot out of it, that's why

I come every week, I feel so much better

for it"                       

VP regular attendee of weekly classes

Other Offerings for Teachers & Student Teachers


As an experienced senior teacher with over 3 decades of teaching yoga and mindfulness

to groups and individuals, plus workshops and retreats,

I can offer a supervisory role to other yoga teachers and student teachers in training. 

If you are interested in exploring how this could be of benefit to you and your teaching,

please contact me to have a chat,

I'd love to share my experiences of the life long journey of Yoga!