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TIPS that may help you:


1. Please contact me by email for the Zoom Link to my Private Zoom Room - then keep it - file it in a place where you can remember to use each time - this link stays the same.

2. You need to download & install latest Zoom Version onto your PC / smart Phone / Tablet to participate.
You do not have to sign up and pay anything with Zoom, as the host, I have done all that.

3. Preparing Your Space before you join in:
Find a quiet, clear open space away from furniture with good lighting (light or sun behind device, not behind you). You could do a trial run before we start. Positioning your mat horizontally enables me to get a side view of you and at a distance that most of, if not all of you, are visible on the screen.

Please give yourself enough time to set up so we can start on time - if you arrive late to class, I must stop teaching to let you in.
Turn off your own mobile phone, unless if you are using it for session, then silence it. Close all other stuff on computer otherwise it will degrade functionality.

4. when you join the link .... a smaller white square appears with "Please wait for the host to start this meeting i.e. Start: 10.00 AM Yoga & Mindfulness" ; If nothing prompts from browser, come out and start again download & run Zoom; when in, Bottom line of screen is a button "Test Computer Audio" = click on this and check speaker and microphone; On top left of screen there is an icon for settings, i.e. general, video, audio give options which you can use for set up; click out to get back into virtual waiting room.

5. You will be held in a Virtual Waiting Room until I admit you, which I will start to open 10 mins before start time.

5. As you are waiting, you can do a test on your audio & video functions so you can see your positioning of your screen to see me; plus, where I can see you. Remember, ideally, I would like to see you in lying, seated & standing positions, preferably with your head on! Once you have made that calculation, remember it for future sessions.

6. You may need to unmute yourself and start video on entry - depending on your settings. I will mute everyone once I start the teaching so you only hear my voice. You can then select Speaker View (top right icon) which will bring me up on big screen and you will not be able to see others.


1. Have your yoga mat & any other accessories you usually use, like blocks / cushions / belts / blankets / bolsters etc; water; tissues.

2. ONLY REGISTERED STUDENTS with me can attend, this is for your safety and my insurance purposes. If you know of anyone new who wants to join in, they must contact me first and have a chat & health screening. Also, please do not invite your whole family to join in - as nice as that could be - this is a session just for you - so claim the time & space for yourself - just like you do when you come to an actual class. P.S. dogs and other pets are definitely welcome!!!

3. If you have new injuries or recent health issues / concerns I am not aware of, please contact me before the class starts, there will not be an opportunity to talk to me privately when we are online.

Hope to see you on the mat soon.

Namaste Linda

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