Frequently asked questions......


Do you need to be flexible to join your Yoga classes?

No absolutely not, but with practice, your flexibility and strength will naturally  improve, along with the many other benefits of yoga. 

Every body is different, you will be encouraged to work at your own pace and level to suit you, variations or alternatives can be given.


What should I wear?
Wear loose, comfortable and layered clothing that allows you freedom of movement to keep you warm/cool. 

Yoga is done in bare feet but bring socks to wear especially during the relaxation.


Do I need to bring any equipment?
You will need a proper yoga mat to practice on but if it is the first time you have attended a class and don't

have your own yoga mat,  just bring a towel and a spare mat will be available for you to use.  A  yoga block

or small cushion is also useful for seated postures or under the head.  A lightweight blanket is also useful for

extra support in places or to keep warm during relaxation as the body temperatures naturally drops when

you relax.

Are the classes drop-in or by term?
The classes are on-going and not by term so you can start at any time.  It is best to check which classes

are running on the CLASSES PAGE under CURRENT CLASS DATES.   You can also come along to any

class that suits you at different locations.   You have a choice of paying for a single session drop-in

class or pay monthly at a reduced rate.    Yoga is a discipline, so making a commitment to practice is

essential to your learning and to gain the many benefits of the practice.


What style of Yoga do you teach?

I would say I have an eclectic style which is a synthesis of all my many years of yoga practice & training - but it is broadly based on a foundation of 

Hatha Yoga.  The classes involve yoga asana (postures & sequence breath-work; relaxation & mindfulness meditation practices.  I also use Energy Medicine Yoga to activate the energy body.

I also teach Seasonally, changing on a monthly basis which has a specific focus, to balance the energies of the particular season.   This helps us to get the most out of our practice and adds lots of variety & interest.

I use more Yang style practices for stimulating skeletal & cardiac muscles; more Yin styles for working on bones/joints & their connective tissues; and Yoga Therapy variations to target specific body area/function.

We always begin with a mindfulness practice to help us inhabit the body, connect with the breath, and bring us into present moment awareness - and intentionally, continue with this attitude throughout the practice.  A guided final relaxation at the end of class,helps us to absorb the benefits of the practice, let go of any residual tensions, find a place of ease within the body-mind, and leave feeling calm and rejuvenated!   Have a look at About Yoga page for more information.


I have health issues - can I still come - is it safe for me to take part?
If you have a health condition you should seek medical advice from your GP before joining the class.

 In the majority of instances you can still attend and practice safely, in fact many GP’s now recommend

yoga to help with certain conditions such as back-weakness, stress, depression.  Certain movements

may not be suitable for you but you will be advised what these are and an alternative option offered.

You will be requested to complete a health questionnaire before you start practice and disclose your

health status.  This will help the teacher advise you on what is and not suitable for you and also

practices that may help your condition.  This information is held in confidence.


Is yoga just for women or can men practice too?
Yoga is for everyone – everybody!  If you have a body and a mind – i  If  you want to improve both –

then yoga is the way.  Men sometimes can already be muscularly strong from dynamic sports –

but may lack flexibility, or don’t know how to relax or recover from strenuous exercise – yoga is an

ideal practice for such people – as we train the body and the mind to bring about balance in both. 

You will find other men in my classes – so don’t be afraid!


Are you Qualified & Insured to teach?
Yes. I have over 30 years’ experience of yoga, teaching for 29 years and initially qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga and the Sivananda Yoga Tradition.   I have also trained as a Mindfulness Facilitator with the Mindfulness Association at Samye Ling in Scotland and I'm a registered

Specialist Back Care Teacher with Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs.  My teaching qualifications demand I keep up my professional training and self development every year so I can remain insured and up to date.

Can I start a class while I'm pregnant, or recently had a baby?
If you are already a student with me, just let me know if you get pregnant and I will advise how you can continue to practice with modifications and variations as your pregnancy develops.   If you are new to yoga, I'd highly recommend you joining a special pregnancy or post natal yoga class. 

The person best qualified to do this in this area is with my colleague: 

Clare Cooper  07906 188 345  

I can also recommend Emily 078852275 or Facebook: Mini Yoga who offers Mother & Baby Yoga.