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Joint Care & Muscle Loss as we AGE!

Interested in taking care of your joints & muscles as you age! The following 2 articles highlights the importance for our overall health to do just that - please click onto links below.

1. Women’s joint health: can collagen help?

As we age it is common for individuals to experience joint issues due to wear and tear over a lifetime as well as an increase in inflammation. Musculoskeletal pain, arthralgia and arthritis are all more common in women, and their frequency increases with age. In some, a decline in women’s joint health appears to be associated with the onset of menopause.1,2HBK,JG1XO,8FOM,1

2. Sarcopenia – a cornerstone of ageing in men (and women)

The word sarcopenia comes from sarx meaning “flesh” and penia meaning “loss”, hence it is a term describing muscle loss. It is well documented that ageing is associated with muscle loss. This is both a double edge sword and a vicious cycle. When considering longevity, muscle has been referred to as the “Anti-ageing God.”,2HBK,JG1XO,8FOM,1

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