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Introducing You to Energy Medicine Yoga

As some of my regular yoga students know, in the last couple of months, I have been introducing them to the basic practices of ENERGY MEDICINE YOGA (EMY).

This is a powerful addition to the already amazing practices of Yoga with all its benefits on the physical – mental – emotional – spiritual levels, which helps integrate these parts of us to become whole and healed – to become the best version of who we can really be.

So literally tapping into to our ‘energies’ to make sure they are ‘turned on’, ‘moving in the right direction’ to help facilitate the work that the postures, breathing, relaxation, meditation, already give us when practised. The EMY practices brings an opportunity for us to benefit from the amazing healing capacity we already have in us – so anyone who is interested in promoting that – will be interested in learning more how you can do this for yourself – in some very simple, easy and quick ways. As Lauren Walker (author of the book and work of ENERGY MEDICINE YOGA) says:

“Energy Medicine Yoga teaches you to take the things you’re doing now, layer them together with complimentary techniques, and exponentially increase the benefits of yoga – you’ll learn to work smarter, not harder, so you can have a healthy body full of energy, zest and joy for what life has to offer”.

She goes on to say about Energy:

“Energy wants to move and needs space to move.

Energy moves in patterns (there are specific and definable patterns of energy within and around the physical body which we can tune into, balance & strengthen.

Energy forms habits; not only runs in patterns but forms habits, not all habits are beneficial, but energy can be re-patterned.

Energy has priorities, and these priorities are consistent; priority is to keep you alive; your energy keeps the essential physical systems of your body functioning and healthy, sometimes sacrificing less important systems to do so. After that your energies support your intention, both conscious and unconscious. For example, if the body’s energies are busy healing our physical form, they are not available to help fulfill your desire for a new job.

Energy is affected by thoughts, environment and the people we meet: by changing any of these, you can change your energy flow and therefore your life. Because energy is so deeply affected by the people and environment around you, an important means of improving your personal energy landscape is to remove yourself from toxic people and from a toxic environment. This change becomes even more critical if you become unwell.”

The Energy System of the Meridians

This is one of the most well-used energy systems in the western world having come from the route of acupuncture (so has been in use for thousands of years). The meridians are closely correlated to the NADIS of yoga which there are 14 major; main ones being the central channel the SUSHUMNA where the CHAKRAS are positioned, which rises through the spine from the base to the crown chakra; and the IDA & PINGALA nadis which run each side of the main central channel. Each meridian is either YIN or YANG in nature and the idea of both opposing and complimentary opposites exist in everything: night-day, light-dark, masculine-feminine. These are dynamic universal forces that give rise to everything.

The YIN meridians flow upwards – up the front of the body and out from the chest on the soft inside of the arms to hands. Yin energies flow up from the earth, inward and deep and inside the body. Yin forces are feminine – yielding – receptive and inward. They are associated with the moon, water, cold, dark, night, autumn and winter.

YANG meridians flow down the front, back or outside the body. They flow from the back of the hands towards the torso, along the outside of the arms to the face, and down the back of the body. They move outward and govern our action in the world. Yang forces come down from the heavens and are the masculine energies = active, assertive, outward directed. They are the energies of the sun, fire, light, day, spring & summer.

While practicing EMY we work with the directions of the meridians in a unifying way to bring about balance, so that the body can be at ease – and free from dis-ease.

As you can imagine, there is much to say about these rich and diverse practices. What I like, is that many of them are very simple, quick and noticeably effective and what’s more is they are easy to learn and can be easily practised at home alone or as part of your regular home yoga practice. It is Lauren Walkers’ intention to have every yoga class around the world practising EMY. She says if we only do

THE WAKE UP’S at the beginning of our practice, we will be pressing the power button, or re-setting our power button for switching our energies on. From the start of the Autumn sessions, It is my intention to begin each class with THE WAKE UP’S (4 Thumps, Cross Crawl, Zip Up and the Hook Up). I hope you can join to in this exploration, and if you are interested in hearing Lauren speak about this work, you can find her on:

Further reading:


Lauren has developed EMY from the pioneering work of Donna Eden, Energy Medicine Therapist/Healer. For anyone wanting to go further into this work, Donna’s book is essential reading: ENERGY MEDICINE by Donna Eden

My gratitude to both for this pioneering and most valuable work.

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