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Guided Relaxation Practice Recordings for YOU at Home
There has been a popular demand for me to supply my students with a
recording of the final relaxation I give at the end of class.
So, y
ou can now purchase a recording of some of these Guided Relaxations.
Please select from the list below and text me your choice.
Make a £10 Paypal / Bank payment donation.

The recording will be sent to you via WhatsApp. for you to enjoy at your leisure.
It is recommended that you use headphones for the best listening experience.

Guided Relaxation Listing
Summer 1: Resting in Warmth, Softness, Ease (13.20 mins) £10
Summer 2: Warm & Generous Heart (15.05 mins) £10
Autumn 1: Resting in Radiant Sensation (13.03 mins) £10
Autumn 2: Unwind Nervous System (15.01 mins) £10

Winter 1:  Resting in Hibernation (17.04 mins)  £10

How to Relax & Meditate: Go to next tab: to read these insights to help you on your way.
Guided Practice for FREE: Go to next tab: Guided Practice for FREE

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