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Please read this

Essential Info

Conditions for Attending Yoga Classes during Covid-19 Restrictions     updated July 20021 

What You Must Do

please familiarise yourself and follow recommendations as your compliance is necessary, thank you.

Booking Essential to secure your place as numbers are still limited due to spacing

(Read:  How to Book / Booking T&C's on Essential Information tab 

Drop-in to classes is now an option; however, numbers have been carefully restricted for social distancing and anyone who has booked will take preference.

  • Please DO NOT come to class if you are unwell or if you have been in contact with anyone suspected of having COVID 19 in the past 10 days.

  • Please maintain a social distance of 1-2 metres  - do maintain social distance whilst chatting before and after class and even in car parks.

  • Arrive Ready to Practice = Please try to come to class completely ready so as to reduce the need for taking time in confined spaces such as the toilets or side room. The toilets will remain open for your use.

  • Timekeeping = Please arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before class start; and please be patient if I am in the hall and it’s not ready for you to enter yet, it means I am still cleaning the touch/contact points; but please also be in good time for your class;  I may have to lock the doors promptly at start time, therefore, I may not be able to let anyone in after this time, if you are late, this may mean you loose your space.

  • Entry/Exit Protocol = Face coverings are your choice upon entry/exit;  hands must be sanitized thoroughly before entering the hall/room;  hand sanitizer will be available at the hall.

  • Mat Spacing = will be allocated to you; once you are on your mat and 1-2 metres away from your nearest “mat neighbour”

  • Mats/Equipment = You must bring your own mat and blocks as I cannot lend any equipment for the foreseeable future; your personal equipment must be kept scrupulously clean and NEVER shared with anyone!

  • What Can I Bring into Room with me? = Please avoid bringing ANYTHING into the hall that is unnecessary – this includes extra clothing, bags etc.  These are some items you can bring into the hall: - Yoga Mat & Blocks; Water bottle; Phone (on silent of course); small blanket; tissues.


Mitigation actions I have taken to keep you safe

  • I have followed current guidelines set out by The British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and the Venue Committees.

  • The Venue committees have agreed to much higher levels of cleaning; PLUS I will also be cleaning the hall before and after your visit; this includes thorough cleaning of door handles and other frequently touched surfaces and toilets.

  • I have reduced class sizes and determined the exact distance necessary between mats to ensure 1-2 metres social distancing.

  • I will as much as possible, thoroughly ventilate the hall before class.

  • I will not offer any hands on adjusts in accordance with BWY guidelines.

  • If you have any concerns about the above guidelines or in general about attending class, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Let us come together to enjoy our practice of Yoga together,

so we can reap the benefits of our Yoga.

It will be great to be with you all again.

Face to face interaction is very beneficial to our sense of safety & connection,

it naturally increases our feelings of well-being both physically & mentally.

Your safety is my safety – my safety is your safety - let’s stay safe & take care of each other!

Om Shanti!

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